Founded in 2014 by Suyog Mody and Anu Menon, Driftaway Coffee is a Brooklyn-based roaster offering personalized coffee subscriptions that connect customers to their coffee farmers while contributing to sustainable livelihoods for these farmers.

Driftaway roasts small-batch single-origin coffees and ships them fresh within six hours of roasting to its customers. Back in 2015, while they were looking for sustainable packaging suppliers that offered recyclable and durable options, Driftaway came across Ecology Packaging.


  • At first, Driftaway purchased stock Durabag mailers from Ecology Packaging with no print or customization. This helped them figure out the size they needed.
  • After working with Ecology Packaging for some time, Driftaway started adding their logo to the Durabag mailers.
  • In the most recent phase of the relationship, Ecology Packaging sent Driftaway an assortment of box samples according to their price range.
  • Finally, after developing a fabulous design, Driftaway did a sample run and ended up with a great product that is perfect for their coffee brand.


“We wanted to design custom boxes to give customers a more “gift-worthy” first experience with our coffee and Ecology Packaging helped us tremendously in coordinating the solution and design, with a very low price and working with I. Paper. We’ve been through a lot of these boxes now and just enjoyed the process of working with Ecology. The design process was quite straightforward, and they provided excellent service, anticipation of customer needs, and in-depth knowledge of what is available ”

– Suyog Mody

Driftaway Coffee

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