Have you been wondering how you can accelerate your positive environmental impact? Vela bags might be an opportunity for you as part of your paper packaging solutions.

As the fully sustainable, paper-based alternative to plastic poly bags, we are extremely proud to be partnered with Vela. They share the same beliefs and passion for the environment as we do. They believe sustainable and recyclable paper packaging solutions can replace and prevent poly bags from polluting our planet.

‘Nature is our greatest source of inspiration and this mark illustrates the legacy and reverberations a single action can create.’

In total Vela has replaced 105,039 LBS of plastic poly bags.

Paper is one of the most recycled packaging materials around the world. In support of these trends, Vela products are made from FSC® certified paper and are widely recyclable.

Every year around 180 billion items of clothing are made and almost all of them individually packed and shipped in single-use, plastic poly bags. Let’s help in lowering this statistic.

Vela bags: could it be the end of plastic poly bags? 

If making better choices for our planet is where you want to invest your future, sustainable, environmentally friendly packaging is the perfect option. Don’t hesitate to contact us about Vela bags and other great paper products.