“We are the guardians of the territories, of the rivers, of the continuity of life.”

– Ana Maria Hernandez,

Land defender and director of grantee partner Consortio Oaxaca.

Women and nature have always been associated with each other, both metaphorically as in “ Mother Earth ” or “virgin forest”, and sociologically as been the ones ‘closer to nature’ as in taking care of life, including bearing children, nurturing plants and animals, and caring for the elderly and sick people.

As we aim to once again celebrate International Women’s Day this 8th of March , we should do more to give fair recognition to those women who have dedicated their lives to preserve life and our environment for the good of all generations, present, and future.

The fight for women’s rights and equality is a noble one that should be part of everyone’s agenda, as the fight to protect our mother Earth should be.

When these two causes meet, notable women stand out as inspirational leaders who create change and promote life and its preservation.

Sustainability, recycling, innovation, green practices, protection of resources, policy change, etc. Let’s make International Women’s Day a perfect excuse to celebrate nature and those ladies who fight for it.

Juliet Davenport – Founder & CEO of Good Energy

Juliet is essential in the journey of helping Britain become 100% renewable. Her company, Good Energy, is a 100% renewable electricity supplier, investor, and generator. Good Energy supplies electricity to more than 50,000 customers, gas to 24,000 customers and supports over 73,000 homes, businesses and communities generating their own energy.

It’s an important step in the right direction and there’s still a lot to do. To put it in her own words, “it requires fundamental changes to the way energy is generated and used. But we believe it’s possible.”

Mindy Lubber – CEO of Ceres

As head of Ceres, a nonprofit organization that has been advocating for sustainability leadership for 25 years , Mindy has impactfully advocated for sustainability leadership and the interconnection between economic development with social and environmental sustainability.

Mindy has managed to convince investors, NGOs and Fortune 500 company CEOs to adopt far-reaching positions on corporate practices to protect human rights and to minimize carbon emissions, water use, and other environmental impacts.

KoAnn Vikoren Skrzyniarz – Founder & CEO of Sustainable Life Media/Sustainable Brands

KoAnn is a pioneer in the intersection of environmental and human issues in business. She’s built a global community of leaders who are changing the face and purpose of business.

She constantly writes, speaks, and encourages 21st-century brands to deliver new business value through innovation for environmental and social purposes. She is a key element in the shift in consumer demand and the opportunity for brands to respond by changing the way they think and delivering against their role in society.

Mary Robinson – President of the Mary Robinson Foundation/Climate Justice

Mary has championed several initiatives throughout her life to promote equality, justice, and human rights for several decades. She was the first female president of Ireland, a former United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, and a member of The Elders, an exclusive group tasked with tackling global challenges.

As president of the Mary Robinson Foundation – Climate Justice – she aims to amplify the voices of poor and vulnerable communities to provide leadership on climate change and human rights issues.

The goal of the foundation is to forge lasting connections between sustainable developments and human rights disciplines to tackle climate justice issues.

Ecology Packaging

Linda and Aliece, two women who over ten years ago decided to embark on the adventure of producing eco-friendly packaging products that focus on reducing waste. They offer a line of products that are compostable, biodegradable, and; of course, recyclable.

Even better, Ecology Packaging products are extremely functional and they look great.

Aliece and Linda have a passion for revolutionizing the packaging industry by deeply caring about keeping high standards of sustainability, design, quality, and price; while maintaining a strong focus on paramount humane principles and green practices that strengthen the success of earth-minded companies.