An all-in-one solution.

We partnered with one of the oldest operating gift tissue manufacturers in the United States, started in 1906 and guided by a commitment to providing a wide range of options, quality gift wrapping tissue paper was created. 

Tissue paper is carefully and sustainably manufactured in 76 colors, 75 prints, custom sizes, custom designs, and endless options for all occasions.

A quality experience, designed and cut just for you, Tissue paper is not only a great, sustainable way to wrap products but also to help build your brand using a personal touch.


The production of Tissue Paper is compliant with all air, water and environmental laws. It is manufactured with nearly 100% post-industrial, recycled raw materials. 

Approximately 35% of the electricity used in fabrication is produced from renewable energy sources. Most inks used on the printed tissues are water-based, continuing their commitment to safe and sustainable practices.


There is a color for every occasion, produced with 100% recycled pulp fibers. You can even choose a custom color upon request.

For more information on how to create your custom beater-dyed tissue paper and a catalog for colors and prints available SHOP HERE.