Bravo! If you’ve already chosen eco-friendly packaging for your products, you’re well on your way to creating a sustainable brand. But when you go to apply a shipping label on your eco-mailer, you realize the label itself might not be recyclable! That’s a bit counter-productive isn’t it?

Naturally, the solution is to find eco-friendly labels to go along with your eco-packaging, but proceed with caution. Not every so-called eco-friendly label is as sustainable as it may appear. Here are a few different environmentally friendly solutions to consider, as well as some not-so-environmental options to watch out for.

Match the Packaging!

The first factor to consider is the material and sustainability of the packaging you’re using in conjunction with your shipping labels. For example, if you use a recyclable label on compostable packaging, then one or the other is not going to be processed correctly. To put it simply, your labels need to match your packaging!

Many of our customers use the populars Eco-Shipper and Eco-Natural to mail their products. They are both 100% recyclable and compostable, so any eco-friendly label – either recyclable or biodegradable – label can go with them for a completely sustainable solution.

Just keep these factors in mind before you go label shopping. It’s easy!

100% Recycled and Recyclable Shipping Labels

One of the most practical options available is a 100% recycled and recyclable shipping label because it implements recycled and reused materials and it can also be recycled with a recyclable mailer for a complete and sustainable solution.

Another factory to keep in mind when shopping for recyclable labels is the backing and adhesive. If you’re using a recyclable label but it doesn’t implement recycle-compatible, live a water-based adhesive, your purpose has been defeated. Just try to be sure your label, adhesive, and paper backing are all recyclable to maintain the most eco-friendly packaging practices possible.

Compostable Shipping Labels

Another option is a biodegradable shipping shipping label. For compostable mailers, a compostable label is naturally your best bet so that the entire package can be composted at once.

Sometimes the lines are not so clearly drawn. Since our Eco-Natural and Eco-Shipping, are both recyclable and biodegradable. So what kind of label to use? This is where it’s best to know your customer. If you feel confident that your customer base is made up of  entirely happy and dedicated composters, then a compostable label will certainly be in order.

The Key Shop Wisely

Remember that sometimes words can be deceiving. Some labels are advertised as recyclable, but really only the paper backing is recyclable, or the adhesive is not recycling compatible. The same goes for some labels advertised as compostable. Ask questions and research your supplier to make sure your labels are as eco-friendly as the packaging you apply them to. Your customers will appreciate your honest, conscientious efforts!

Ecology is happy to provide the following link  to the best sustainable label options that we’ve found in the marketplace.

Going green is not always the most simple and easy choice, but by putting in the effort today, we are creating a more sustainable tomorrow.