We were so excited to see this article.  Not only because we knew it would appeal to many of our customers but because several of these companies use our Shippers and we are proud to share. So no matter how you travel we know only so well that we need to lug a lot of stuff.  There’s a bag here for every need.  Enjoy the read!


Whether you travel by bus, train, car, or even plane, there’s one thing your commute has in common with all others: the need to lug a ton of crap from point A to point B. And while the trek from your front door to work (and back) likely isn’t the shining moment of your day, it is inevitable — and so is having a bag that keeps all your essentials close at hand.

Between toting around a laptop, tablet, and a gym change, you can quickly find the number of bags you need multiplying, or your over-shoulder tote getting exponentially more ridiculous in size. And while the mini-bag trend is cute for Saturday nights, the weekdays deserve a sturdy carryall with Mary Poppins-esque storage capabilities.

We’ve broken down the essential bags ahead to suite your specific commuter needs. Proving you never have to sacrifice style for comfort when it comes to getting to and from work with all your stuff.