“Timing isn’t the main thing. It’s the only thing.”

– Miles Davis, American Jazz Legend

Everything Takes Time

As a savvy business owner and start-up entrepreneur, you already know that things take time to truly come to fruition. Furthermore, one of the key factors to succeed in any field is the careful planning of each step in order to take advantage of available resources and market opportunities. From careful financial planning, to step by step production process development, a carefully designed timetable ensures the smooth flow of the chain of events and actions that result in timely delivery to the consumer.

As mentioned before, you already know this. So, why are we, a packaging company, bringing it up again? Well, one of the most overlooked aspects for some companies is the process of developing a packaging process that is in line with their principles and, most importantly, with the target audience’s principles and lifestyle. In contrast, some of the most successful companies invest an important amount of time and effort into developing the perfect packaging experience for their customers. Still,

How can You Approach Packaging from a Time-Related Perspective?

As you develop your brand and your core products, invest the right amount of time and effort into also developing a packaging strategy that is in line with your overall principles and the experience you want to deliver to your customer.

Some aspects you must take into consideration are:

  1. Is your product/company environmentally conscious and sustainable?
  2. Are your clients concerned about the environment? What principles do the live by?
  3. Is your company socially responsible? Is it involved in any initiatives in this regard?
  4. What kind of unpacking experience do you want your customers to have?
  5. How do you want your brand to be perceived?

Once you’ve answered these questions and addressed others specific to your company, you’ll realize that packaging is an important part of the entire process and requires a fair amount of attention and time. You must consider the materials to use for your packaging and how they’re going to be discarded once used. Will there be a custom design of your brand on the packaging? What message or part of your brand story are you looking to transmit through your packaging?

Yes, it might sound overwhelming, we know. But that’s exactly why  Ecology Packaging exists. We know how important packaging is for your product and company, and we also know the time and effort it takes to conceive and design the right packaging to deliver to your customers. Contact us and let us take that weight off your shoulders. We’ll take the time to come up with a proposal that will ensure a fantastic consumer experience in a timely development schedule. 2018 is almost over, so start planning your 2019 packaging strategy so it doesn’t catch you off guard.